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    • Drilling Permits & Reports

      Our drilling permits issued by each state and federal authority are updated the following day they are approved by the regulatory agency. Each entry includes lease and well number, county, legal description, location, field, proposed depth and type of well.


      Our up-to-date listing of drilling activity delivers timely, accurate, and complete information. Use our online features for customized reports. Our Rig Reports Database is progressively updated daily and completed each Thursday. Search and customize reports by county, operator, API, contractor and location. You have full access to current Rig Counts broken down by County & State and you can download Rig Reports from Archive (archived from 2007)


      Each of our permitted well sites and rig locations have GPS coordinates (lat/long) included in their descriptions. Subscribers can copy/paste these GPS coordinates into mapping software of their own choice or can simply click on the provided GPS coordinate and our software will take you to the identified well site in our system using Google Maps. A subscriber can then plot driving directions from their personal location to each requested well site or rig location.

    • Drilling Report Newsletter

      A weekly summary which includes all drilling and completion permits in our 4 State coverage area with access to our 2012 – present archives.

No other industry publication provides faster or more reliable permit information than
Anderson’s Drilling Permits & Reports.

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